Tips for Better Photography

Tips for Better Photography

Photography has been a fast growing hobby since the 90s and it has caught the world by storm now a day with the evolving technology of today. When you say photography, people will automatically think of a phone and not a camera, because some of the big players out there have already included state of the art cameras to their phone specs.

But what really makes a good photo? The camera? or the person holding the camera? Photography in general is an art, you can create anything you want in the content of your photos, for as long as you have a good camera and the right skill set to pull off an amazing photo.

If you are a frustrated photographer, and you have no idea how to make your photos come to light with the use of a simple camera, then here are some tips on how to make your photos look amazing and with just an average camera phone or professional camera:

  • Check your lighting – Lighting plays an important role in any photo, because this makes the picture more dramatic. Always make sure that you play around with your camera settings to get the right lighting. Or if your subject is a landscape and it already looks better with natural lighting, then by all means try to make the photo pop out and come to life as much as you can. If your light is really bad and for example you want to take a photo of the moon, your camera settings should be set to high aperture, but you have to make sure that you do not touch the camera because it will not be able to capture the photo fully. If you have noticed, most professionals will have a camera stand so that they can place their cameras there. That is because too much shaking while your settings are set to a high aperture will cause your photo to come out as blurry. Before you take any photo that requires less light, make sure that you have the right equipment so that you will be able to take the best photos. 
  • Practice everyday – sometimes, the only way for you to get better, is to practice shooting everyday. The best way for you to practice is to take as much photos of you can of everything that you take an interest in. you can take photos of animals, landscapes, people, flowers, basically anything that you think is beautiful. Photography is all about expressing your emotions through a picture, if you want your photos to come out professionally, then you have to keep practicing everyday to get your style. Most professionals go through this phase also, and it is a very good way to know what you want in a photo. 


  • Experiment with different angles – this is another great way to make a photo more dramatic. There are some photographers out there who do not give credit to how the angle of the camera is placed when the take pictures, they just point and snap. The main reason why you need to use angles, is so that you will be able to point out the beautiful features of your subject. Make sure that you angle your photos the right way and experiment for each so that you will know how to adjust to certain situations.